build your own

you will walk away from this experience with the knowledge and appreciation for the craft. there is no better feeling than riding a wave on something you built with your own two hands. for veterans and military click the link below to salvage usa to get enrolled in our board building program honoring those who serve and have served this great country.


We will teach you everything from building your outline/template, creating nose & tail rocker, plaining, concaves, & turning/screening rails.


Glove & mask up to experience the finesse of glassing from learning what resins & additives to use, mixing, setting fin boxes, logo placements, cutting laps, resin swirls, foam stains, tints, cutlaps, working the squeegee, and getting a tight glass job.


The finale stage in board building, you will learn to use an orbital sander, sanding pads, different grit sand paper, and finishing tools to give that perfect final touch